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Do you want to learn how to make your own herbal medicine to improve immunity, sleep, peace of mind, digestion while controlling the cost and quality of your ingredients? Store-bought natural products can be pricey, and some are filled with unnecessary sugars and preservatives to prolong shelf-life. Not all products undergo strict quality and safety testing. Home-based herbalism empowers individuals and families to take charge of their health.  Creating your own herbal remedies doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Here is how it works.
We meet virtually for a 30-minute session to discuss your needs and brainstorm herbal kit ideas. I then create a custom herbal kit formulation for you. Some of the popular kits include:
Digestive bitters (citrus, cacao nibs … so many delicious varieties to choose from);
Sleep aid tea and tincture kits;
Calming tea and tincture kits;
Immunity boosting tea, syrup and tincture kits (elderberry syrup, anyone?);
Kids Health kits;
Bath Ritual kits;
Salves and skin care kits.
The kits come with detailed instructions, which we will go over when your kit is ready. If you need more hand-holding during the preparation of the herbal remedy, we can arrange for that as well. Once all is done, you will have a custom herbal remedy formula that you will know how to make over and over again to keep yourself and your family happy and healthy. 

Cost: $75

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing session with Anastasia. We reviewed my eating and sleeping habits, and discussed my goals and concerns. She recommend a few easy and manageable tweaks to my diet and gave me a Detox tea. She also made some recommendations to help with my sleep routine and gave me Dream Realm tea and tincture.
Since then, I have noticed a marked improvement in my digestion, I don’t feel as full and heavy as I did before. I have also been sleeping all through the night more regularly. And I’m now starting to see my energy and focus improving as well!
Anastasia is such an amazing resource and wealth of knowledge. I’m so grateful for our session!

Robyn M.

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